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Here are some general suggestions for submitting

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  • MAIL OR DELIVER IN PERSON to The Kaweah Commonwealth:
    P.O. Box 806, 41841 Sierra Drive, Three Rivers, CA 93271; FAX it to 559-561-0118; or EMAIL to 3Rnews (at) kaweahcommonwealth.com (preferred method).
  • SUBMIT NEWS IN A TIMELY MANNER. If you are seeking advance publicity for an event, allow a minimum of four weeks notice. If you are reporting the outcome of an event, please submit it within one week.
  • TYPE press releases and double-space.
  • INCLUDE A CONTACT NAME, telephone number, and email.
  • USE full names.


More information on submitting news:


We want timely news relevant to Three Rivers, Lemon Cove, Woodlake and Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Examples of business news that appeals to our readers include personnel promotions, awards, company reports, acquisitions, and expansions.

We are interested in new-business stories. The amount of space depends on the newsworthiness.

Buying advertising in The Kaweah Commonwealth does not buy special treatment in news articles. All news is judged on the basis of interest to our readers.



There are two types of news:  School activities and education news.

School activity news includes requests for publicity about school fundraisers and school or class programs. If the activity lends itself to an interesting photo, a photographer may be assigned. We also seek a variety of activity photos. Photographs (digital preferred) submitted need to be focused and properly exposed, with all subjects identified in advance.

Education news includes coverage of school board issues; a new or innovative teaching technique; an interesting teacher or student; how local schools are dealing with state or national trends; and complaints or concerns from students, parents, educators or taxpayers. If you have an idea for a story, contact the editors, 561-3627.



Photographs add interest to news stories, but not every story will be accompanied by a photograph. If you have an idea for a photo, call 561-3627.

If it is a publicity photo you are seeking, make sure you call at least two weeks before the event. Because many more requests are made than possibly can be filled, the editor will probably ask you detailed questions concerning the suggested photo assignment so its potential news value can be compared with other pending requests. We will, occasionally, accept photos not taken by staff photographers with a priority placed on the quality of the photograph.



Obituaries in The Kaweah Commonwealth are news stories and are written and edited by The Kaweah Commonwealth. There is no charge for this service. We consider obituaries as some of the most important stories we publish since it is a permanent documentation of a life and an accurate record of death. To ensure there is no omission of pertinent information and obituaries are as accurate as possible, forms are available at The Kaweah Commonwealth office. We don’t take obituary information over the telephone. Click here for an Obituary Form.



Religious news can include short announcements of church activities and, if space allows, features on other aspects of religion. The type of news we are interested in includes new clergy, new local church leaders, building programs, special speakers, and entertainment. Church groups are also encouraged to publicize their activities and events with display advertising offered at special non-profit rates.



The KAWEAH KALENDAR is published each Friday in The Kaweah Commonwealth. To include an event, it should be submitted three to four weeks in advance to ensure publication. Announcements are repeated as space allows; items in Three Rivers, Lemon Cove, Woodlake, and Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks are given priority. All necessary information must be included — name of event, sponsor, date, time, location, contact phone number, and brief description. Photographs (digital preferred) to accompany the event are welcome; subjects in the photo must be identified.

Information may be mailed to P.O. Box 806, Three Rivers; sent by fax to 561-0118, electronically mailed to 3Rnews@kaweahcommonwealth.com, or delivered to the Commonwealth office, 41841 Sierra Dr.



The Kaweah Commonwealth welcomes letters for publication on any subject as long as they are tasteful and responsible and are signed with the full name of the writer (who should include a phone number and address for verification purposes only).

The newspaper reserves the right to edit for brevity, taste, and style. Please, no business thank-yous, business endorsements or complaints, commercials, or extensive lists. Sarcasm and vilification are also not appropriate. Unpublished letters are not returned.

We do not publish Internet articles, anonymous letters, or letters sent to other persons, public officials, or other newspapers.

Letters may be submitted by mail (P.O. Box 806, Three Rivers, CA  93271), by fax (559-561-0118), by email 3Rnews@kaweahcommonwealth.com, or delivered in person to the newspaper office at 41841 Sierra Drive.



Classified ad rates are $10 for the first 20 words, and 20 cents for each additional word. "For Rent" ads (homes, property, commercial, apartments) are published in the print edition of the newspaper and online and cost $12 for the first 20 words, 20 cents for each additional word. "Found" ads are FREE.  Payment for classified ads is required in advance.  The deadline for current week is Wednesday, 5 pm. Classified ads may be submitted by email, mail (P.O. Box 806, Three Rivers, CA  93271) or delivered in person to the newspaper office at 41841 Sierra Drive.

The Kaweah Commonwealth is an adjudicated newspaper and, therefore, publishes all types of legal notices including, but not limited to, Fictitious Business Name Statements. Call for rates: 559-561-3627.



The Kaweah Network is a business directory that offers affordable advertising for small businesses and services. Ad sizes available are one inch by one column ($10 per week) and two inches by one column ($18 per week). Advertising in this section is accepted on a monthly basis. New ads are accepted until noon Monday with four weeks prepayment. There is no charge for headings; new headings added as needed.

Kaweah Network ads may be submitted by mail (P.O. Box 806, Three Rivers, CA  93271) or delivered in person to the newspaper office at 41841 Sierra Drive.



People You Should Know is a weekly feature to introduce readers to a Three Rivers neighbor. Anyone who lives in Three Rivers, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Lemon Cove, Woodlake, Badger, or surrounding areas are welcome to participate. Anyone who works in Three Rivers and lives elsewhere is also a candidate. Everybody has a story. What's yours? Click here to access the form. Complete it and email it to 3Rnews@kaweahcommonwealth.com or deliver in person to the newspaper office at 41841 Sierra Drive, Three Rivers (include a contact phone number so we may make arrangements for a photo).