Weekly newspaper of Three Rivers, California, and Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks

Meddlesome marmots (See caption below. Click arrows for additional photo.)See caption below.

Incidents at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Search. Rescue. Repeat.
Sarah Elliott / NPS reports


PHOTO CAPTION: Marmots. The very word instills annoyance in anyone who visits the Mineral King area of Sequoia National Park in the early summer months. As the snow melts, these giant rodents crawl out from beneath their rocks with an undeniable hankering to disable vehicles parked at trailheads. They will chew on car wiring and insulation, but their drug of choice is ethylene glycol, an alcohol in the antifreeze, which makes a vehicle’s radiator hose a tempting target. That’s why cars in Mineral King are wrapped up like Christmas presents. The tarp method has proven mostly effective against the roving rodents, but since they also habitually chew through backpacks and gnaw the cork grips on hiking poles, it’s never a sure thing. Just check out the incisors on the furry guy in the photo who’s smiling for the camera.


JULY 10 - 17, 2017

Sequoia National Park
Ash Mountain
July 11— A vehicle driving south on the Generals Highway near Tunnel Rock swerved into a rock retaining wall to avoid striking another vehicle. There was significant damage and both passengers were transported to the hospital by ambulance.
July 14— A fisherman twisted his ankle while walking along the Middle Fork of the Kaweah River above the suspension bridge at Potwisha. A group of kayakers assisted the patient to the parking lot where he refused medical care.
July 11— Fire crew assisted with a carry-out at Dorst for a knee injury. 
July 12— A pregnant female received a head injury at Lodgepole campground. She was transported to Exeter Ambulance.
July 13— There were two fall victims at Dorst. One patient was short-hauled; the second patient notified responders that they could not walk due to an ankle injury. On scene staff used crutches and a wheeled litter to bring the patient to the trailhead.
July 14— A 64-year-old male patient was transported to Exeter Ambulance. The transfer took place below Amphitheater Point. 
July 15— Three Pear Lake search-and-rescue (SAR) operations occurred in the evening. Separated party issues were resolved with foot patrols.
July 15— There was a single-vehicle accident at Cabin Creek.
Mineral King
July 15— Rangers investigated a wildlife protection incident when they located a mutilated owl in the Cold Spring Campground. The suspect stated it was road kill and he was conducting healing ceremonies. He was charged with a violation of the Migratory Bird Act.
Kings Canyon National Park
Grant Grove
July 10— Rangers provided an advanced life support medical transport for two individuals. The first was a 20-year-old female complaining of severe abdominal pain. The second was a 74-year-old male possibly suffering from a reaction to various medications.
July 11—  Rangers in the Roaring River area assisted a party of two who had lost their way to Seville Lake. The group lost the trail due to downed trees in the Belle Canyon area and eventually made their way to the Roaring River Ranger Station, where they were provided food and escorted back to Comanche Meadow.
July 11— Rangers provided emergency medical services to a 55-year-old male complaining of headache and abdominal pain. He was transported by Grant Grove ambulance and transferred to Sanger EMS.
July 13— Three Rangers responded to Dorst Creek for a SAR that resulted in a short-haul operation and a litter carry-out for a second patient.
July 17—  Rangers made several attempts to capture a dog that had reportedly jumped out of an open vehicle window at the General Grant Tree parking area. The visitors from the Los Angeles area spent some time trying to locate the animal, but eventually left the area. The dog is still at large.
Sierra Crest
July 9— A report was received  of a female with possible altitude illness at Bullfrog Creek. CHP medevacked the patient. A wilderness ranger also responded.
July 13— Advanced lifesaving care was provided for a Dorst SAR patient. A tandem short-haul was conducted with helitack.