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In the Light Urns in Three Rivers

We Three Rivers-ians take pride in our town, its landscape, and the variety of businesses able to take hold and bloom, despite a shrinking population and ever dwindling economy. But there’s one local business you might not be aware of. Starting out humbly in the Frasers garage, In the Light Urns has become a nationwide retail store for memorial products. Yes, memorial products: urns of every shape and size, keepsake items, even memorial jewelry. Being that cremation is not yet the predominant form of interment, these urns and memorials are perhaps not what you would have imagined coming out of the small town of Three Rivers.

Their recent leap from cramped garage to the red barn near Tru Spa and the Sierra Garden Center has been an exciting transition. The long-standing Three Rivers landmark is getting a shiny new makeover, lacking all the somber deference you’d expect from the funeral industry. Hosting a stylish storefront, the location is also the hub of this fascinating enterprise. In addition to offering a wide variety of products, they also personalize and engrave each piece as requested, bringing small-town service and attention to every order. But the Fraser family couldn’t do it all alone, and a small staff of locals aids the cause, shipping, engraving, and assisting with outreach.

But it’s not just about the products. As active business sponsors of the Sequoia Natural History Association (SNHA), Rick and Susan support the move toward a more natural park, town, and world. By taking advantage of the vast technological outlets available, the company spreads the word about biodegradable (green) products and the variety of green options accessible to pre-planners and the families of the deceased. And their innovative applications for iPhone and Android mobile systems, Funeral Advice, provide more than just environmentally friendly advice. Funeral Advice details the process of planning a funeral, expected costs, and alternative options to traditional services.

They also created Funeral Directors Chat, which is a podcast and collection of discussions by host, Nancy Burban with funeral industry professionals like Glenda Stansbury of Insight Books, Joe Sehee of the Green Burial Council , and Ken Varner of Cypress Lawn Cemetery and the ICCFA. Not just for funeral professionals, Funeral Directors Chat is a collection of discussions for anyone interested in the industry. They cover topics like the beauty of cemetery photography, the rising popularity of cremation over traditional burials, and the benefits of creating online obituaries. These easy to navigate conversations offer words of reason during difficult times, and insight into often uneasy subjects.

This business has walked into many different funeral service avenues and continues to change and evolve. You can visit In the Light Urns at the red barn on Sierra Drive, and can download the mobile applications from iTunes or the Android Marketplace. Thanks for reading.

by Alaura Shouse
Three Rivers, CA

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