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NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT: John Elliott and his camera.

CAMPAIGN 2016: Help wanted

Sarah Elliott


As you may have heard by now (wink), John Elliott, my partner in crime in this little newspaper venture, is taking his commitment to the betterment of Three Rivers and all of Tulare County to the next level by running for public office. 

John’s entry into the political arena as a candidate for county supervisor-District 1 is a unique opportunity for Three Rivers and Lemon Cove residents. It is a chance for these and other unincorporated communities in District 1 to have a voice at the county level by someone who intimately understands the issues facing these small towns.

In Three Rivers, the opportunity to have a candidate that is this experienced in county issues and this knowledgeable of the region might not come around again for a very long time. A vote for John will be a vote for the forward progress and future of Three Rivers. A vote for John is a vote for an ear that will personally hear your concerns.

That said, a campaign isn’t cheap. It’s thousands of dollars just to file for office. Then there are the promotional materials such as signs, leaflets, mailings, website, branding, and communications. There are fees and travel... and fees.

I have already lost a lot of sleep over this undertaking. Obviously because the daylight hours don’t provide the quality time for thinking of everything that needs to be done like those quiet, lonely wee-morning hours.

Here is what I have come up with. We need the support of as many Three Rivers residents as we can get.

Next Thursday, on St. Patrick’s Day, there is a fundraiser that has the potential to really kickstart this campaign. Please join us. For your donation, you get dinner, drinks, and music in return.

Although dollars are appreciated, if that’s not a possibility, then give us the next best thing: your time. Throughout April, we will be walking the neighborhoods of this far-flung district distributing information and talking to constituents. We will be calling folks and creating mailings, all of which would be helpful to have this village’s support and assistance.

Here’s how the campaign is shaping up: The three-term incumbent, Allen Ishida of Lindsay, is leaving his seat. Nine candidates are vying to fill the vacancy.

During the presidential primary election on Tuesday, June 7, voters will decide which of the candidates will face off against each other in the presidential election on November 7. The top-two vote-getters will be on that ballot unless one person garners 50 percent of the vote, which is unlikely because of there are so many candidates.

I will end with two thoughts I’ve been wanting to convey to our readers:

1. It would be impossible to publish a newspaper in a small-town for two decades without ruffling a few feathers. But not once, ever, in those years have we ever angered someone out of personal spite or petty conflict. We have high standards and honest ethics; struggle with every controversial issue; have attempted many times to be in a dozen places at one time; and because we collect money from advertisers and subscribers, never rest until we provide the absolute best product possible so they get their money’s worth. And, before publishing someone’s name, we always (always!) ask ourselves and each other: Are we doing this for the right reasons?; and, If this was one of our children, would we publish their name?

2. Unabashedly, I can say that John has the most experience of any of the candidates. Developing stories for The Kaweah Commonwealth has been an education a day for the past nearly 8,000 days! In addition, he was the primary consultant when the cabin-owners of Mineral King first requested assistance to preserve that historic community. He has served under the auspices of the Board of Supervisors as an appointed (by Allen Ishida) planning commissioner for 10 years. And he is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles for all as the founder and organizer of the annual Kaweah Country Run.

Just as we will continue to support Three Rivers in the pages of this newspaper, we, in turn, massively appreciate the support of this community! Please visit www.elliott4supervisor.com to learn more about the campaign, John’s main issues, how to get involved, and how to donate.