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Join the March Against Monsanto


March Against Monsanto - Three Rivers

Saturday, May 23, noon, beginning at Three Rivers Arts Center

There will be a gathering this weekend in Three Rivers to show support for the labeling of foods in the U.S. that have come from a genetically modified organism (GMO).  This grassroots effort is part of a nationwide March Against Monsanto that will occur simultaneously on Saturday, May 23.

Welcome to the 42nd Jazzaffair


As the local newspaper, what we enjoy most about this weekend is being a part of the pure joy of so many folks who just keep coming back year after year to this unique small venue festival called Jazzaffair. Even the name Jazzaffair is unique — a throwback to another era just like the music that can be experienced at the festival’s four venues. 

A smart resolution: Visit the dermatologist


I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions but here’s one worth considering, especially for those folks over 50. Like most of us of that age and older, we spent a lot of time outdoors before sunscreen became required attire. 

If that’s you, then you are at risk for basal cell carcinoma.

When I first noticed a small spot on my nose seven years ago, I really didn’t give it any serious thought. The seasonal pattern was always the same. 

Talking turkey about going cold turkey on the Thanksgiving turkey


Alongside some waterfowl and perhaps venison, it’s possible that a wild turkey was part of the first Thanksgiving meal shared by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag. After all, even though they were celebrating a successful harvest, it was still slim pickings at that table, especially in proportion to how we eat today. 





Enough is enough! The more I try to keep life simple, the more complicated it becomes.

I want rest, stillness, contemplation, creativity, time. Instead, I am overwhelmed with decisions, work, appointments, bills, obligations, tasks, gadgets, emails, and social media.

Although our inclination should be to satisfy basic needs rather than amassing material possessions, we are being told from an onslaught of sources on a daily basis that consumption is key to happiness.



After 20 years of Neighbor Profile features, now more appropriately called “Someone You Should Know,” it is evident that the most-oft cited "Pet Peeve" is litter. 

Everybody despises it, but it continues to accumulate on the local roadways, at the river, and in and around Lake Kaweah.

What is the best way to get rid of trash? I’ve got the answer: Educate the children.

Life is a marathon


Taking a week off from the normal routine, like we did last week, is always a good thing for me. I wish it could be more, but by choosing to do a weekly newspaper the next deadline is always right around the corner. 

Trying to survive this rat race of a profession for 20 years — to keep a small town paper afloat in an era of increasing globalization — is a lot like running a marathon.



By now, the world knows of the death of Robin Williams (1951-2014), the uber-actor, stand-up comedian, film producer, screenwriter, and ad lib genius who was honored for his work over and over again. 

On Monday, Aug. 11, Williams was pronounced dead at his Northern California home. The Marin County coroner reported that he had cuts on his left wrist, but the cause of death was asphyxiation. He hung himself.

Why? He had everything, right?

The Dark Side of Lights

Nyctophobia is fear of darkness. And it’s ingrained in our DNA. Thousands of years ago, when larger predators relentlessly pursued early humans, the act of gathering around a fire during the night helped humans to survive. Now fast forward to the 21st century. Today, most of society still adds light to the darkness but has no idea that there is a dark side of light usage, known as light pollution, which will soon affect every corner of the world.