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By Sarah Elliott 

“Life Without” is a project that I embarked upon where, throughout the next year, I will be eliminating something from my life. 

Everything I give up will be for my health and longevity or for the betterment of the planet. So far, I am enjoying challenging myself to learn more about the implications of all I do (or don’t do) in my life.

Month 1:

Life Without Sitting

LIFE WITHOUT: Eating Animals



DECEMBER 13— Heading north on Highway 99 last Friday morning (December 2013), I was warm and cozy in the passenger seat of the car. Somewhere between Merced and Modesto (California), I was mindlessly staring out the window when movement from the semi-truck in the lane beside me caught my eye.

Life Without: PLASTIC (an update)



NOVEMBER 22, 2013—  On our vacation last week, we spent a couple days with friends kayaking and camping on the Colorado River. Glass containers wouldn’t have been compatible in this rocky river setting. I tried to think of a better alternative than plastic to carry our food but ultimately resorted to my old plastic storage containers and a few large self-sealing plastic bags. Epic fail on the Life Without goal.

Life Without: PLASTIC



OCTOBER 2013— Cutting back on plastic is going to be a greater challenge. These days, nearly everything we consume or interact with these days is made of plastic.

I have used reusable shopping bags for many years. I’m in the habit of taking them into grocery stores. In fact, if I happen not to have my own bags, I forgo grocery shopping that day altogether.

However, I often forget the reusable bags when shopping for merchandise. That won’t be acceptable this month.

MONTH 1: Life Without SITTING



SEPTEMBER 13, 2013— Have you heard the news? Sitting is the new smoking.

Isn’t that just great? That means since technology has taken over our lives and most of us are required to sit all day at a desk and computer, we have been an experiment, and the result is our health is failing due to sitting.

But it’s okay. I work out… a lot… almost every day.

LIFE WITHOUT: Introduction



SEPTEMBER 13, 2013— Rolling around this month is yet another birthday for me. That is always cause for reflection and review of where I am in my life.

I like to have some arduous physical feat on the calendar, which usually consists of something high up on a Sierra mountain. Nothing on this front planned yet, but know you’ll be reading about it when it happens.

Countdown to 20 years: 1995 was a real newsmaker


NOVEMBER 15, 2014— This issue of The Kaweah Commonwealth was originally intended to cover random years over the past (almost) 20. But we never got out of 1995.

Our first issue was published March 1 of that year, so there were 44 issues total. 

What was discovered when looking through the year’s issues is that 1995 was quite eventful. We really hit the ground running.