Jazzaffair 2003

      High Sierra Jazz Band, in partnership with Sierra Traditional Jazz Club, hosted Jazzaffair for the 30th year in Three Rivers. Jazzaffair 2003 featured nine bands, three venues, meals, and free shuttle service. For more information on Jazzaffair call 561-4418 or visit www.highsierrajazzband.com

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Left to right: Pieter Meijers, High Sierra Jazz Band leader; Joep Peeters, Jazzaffair special guest artist; with the Huddleston brothers, Stan and Bruce.

Recognition Night on Thursday, April 10, kicked off Jazzaffair weekend with headliner entertainment including (from left to right) Al Smith, Bob Draga, and Pieter Meijers.

Exeter High Jazz Ensemble performs at Jazzaffair, directed by Kirk Clague (right) of Three Rivers.

Julie Doctor of Deja Blue belts out "Jackhammer Blues."

Al Smith (right), former High Sierra Jazz Band leader, congratulates Jimmy Haislip, legendary trombone player from Cornet Chop Suey, who took the stage at Jazzaffair.

Joep Peeters, Jazzaffair's special international guest, jammin' with High Sierra.

Richard Domingue, the Cajun leader of Gator Beat, proved at Jazzaffair 2003 that he and his mates were the real deal.

Bob Leary, jazz guitarist and Nashville recording artist, played with Titan Hot Seven at Jazzaffair 2003.

Titan Hot Seven highjinx at Jazzaffair 2003 with drummer Danny Coots impersonating the "future Bob Draga."

Night Blooming's Jim Richardson displayed his versatility, proving once again that a jazzman can never get enough sax.

Myrna Cooper, Gator Beat's rubboard player, rubbed it every which way but off.

Joep Peeters (center) jammed with Bob Draga (right) and Chuck Bond of Titan Hot Seven.

Joep Peeters (center) jams in the High Sierra finale with Bryan Shaw (left) and Pieter Meijers.

A glimpse of the finale crowd at Lions Arena -- Jazzaffair 2003.

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