Weekly newspaper of Three Rivers, California, and Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks


It’s an anniversary that nearly escapes us each and every year. But as of March 1, 2014, The Kaweah Commonwealth marks 19 years of publication.

John and I started this venture in 1995. I was in my 30s! 

Our kids were in second grade and kindergarten at Three Rivers School with two teachers who have long since retired.

If you care to know - because many readers have been with us since day one and have watched (or read about) their growth - these two loves of my life have both since graduated college, have careers of their own, and live within blocks of each other in the Lake Merritt area of Oakland.

In 1995, the local area code was 209. Nobody had cameras on their cell phones. In fact, most people didn’t have a mobile phone. Photos weren’t even digitized yet, so we made weekly, 70-mile roundtrip runs to Visalia to have them developed.

Hardly anyone used email, so the newspaper office was a much busier place. In 1995, I was just learning how valuable and time-saving the Internet was as a research tool.

There was no Facebook to scoop us on stories. No Craigslist to compete with the classified ads.

As The Kaweah Commonwealth embarks on its 20th year of publication, we have several projects in the works. Creation of a brand-new website is underway and should go live this summer. The previous 19 years of newspapers are being digitized. And some special publications are being planned.